Week 1 results!!

Weight: 238 down from the start weight of 243! Lost 5 pounds baybe!!

New daily points total: 30


This was EXACTLY what I needed as motivation. 5 pounds seems like a lot, but I think it was just because I LITERALLY transformed my diet overnight, and I know that from now on, I probably won’t see numbers that high, but that’s ok. I expect that. My goal for this week is to incorporate a little more exercise, but we will see considering I have school to worry about too. I am so proud of myself for getting through that first week without going halfway and saying, “oh well, I guess this week is ruined because I had a cookie, so let me just cram my face with more cookies, and start fresh next week.” I made it through!


Today, well….today wasn’t so hot. I went 6 points over my daily points, which leaves me with 29 weekly points. I guess that’s not terrible, and I do still have time to workout tonight. All I know is that I still need you guys support! Keep it coming!! 🙂



  1. Kristi Said:

    That’s awesome! I’m so proud of you! Last week was a bad week for me, but I weigh in on Thursdays (officially), so we’ll see what this week holds! It started out with a tough workout last night!

  2. sweetmelissak Said:

    Big losses on the first week are normal, but you already knew that. It’ll slow down in the next couple of weeks to the rec. .5-2 lbs. Looking back over 6 months, my average was 1 lb. But there were weeks in there where I had really small losses and actually a few gains, despite doing everything 100% on plan. Sometimes your body is just odd. The most important part is dealing with the scale when it doesn’t read what you want it to.

    Planning is key, especially when you have a busy schedule. And way to go by not letting something derail you. A little treat here and there won’t throw you off program, that’s why they encourage you to tailor it to your own life. I still enjoy many of the same things I did before, I just plan for them better. And yes, somethings I lost a taste for and don’t miss at all.

    I know you can do this! I am here for ya!

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