“The PLAN”

So here it is. The “plan.” I talked with Bryan about it, and I’m pretty sure I’m ready to take this on..maybe…we’ll see. Gotta love my indecisiveness! 🙂


Three days a week- Cardio.

Two days a week- Strength training.

Continue Weight Watchers.


I’m thinking something along the lines of…


Monday- Cardio

Tuesday- Strength training

Wednesday- off day

Thursday- Cardio

Friday- Strength training

Saturday- off day

Sunday- Cardio


How does that sound? Any words of wisdom? All I know is I need to get my big butt moving. ASAP! I’m not kidding, I am literally outgrowing my clothes at an alarming rate. I tried on every pair of jeans I own this morning, and only one pair fit, and even that pair was tight!! It’s depressing. It makes me want to eat a pint of ice cream. Funny how that works…

So this is it, my last ditch effort. I am going to give it all I have, and if this doesn’t work out, I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. I just know that something needs to change, and maybe by giving myself some structure, or at least attempting to have structure, it will help me. Bah, who am I kidding? As soon as I get off of here, I’ll be cramming a cupcake down my throat. Attractive, huh? I know, I know. I can’t help it! 🙂

Kristi, if you are out there, I think you should try to follow this schedule with me. What do you think? What would work better for you??


Oh and on a seperate note, I start school tomorrow! YAY ME!!! 🙂 Oh, and Bryan got me a laptop for my birthday. I  just love that kid…don’t know what I would do without him! Good night all!



  1. Kristi Said:

    I could totally do that, but my off days will be Sunday and Wednesday. I took today off (so far) for our anniversary, so I will work out on Wednesday, likely. Well, Katie’s sick again, so it’ll depend on how she’s doing. I’m in, though I’m not doing WW, but I have been a lot better about what I eat and drink, mostly. 🙂

  2. Mel Said:

    You can do it! I’m here for you girl!

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