Cake is yummy…

Bryan and I picked out our wedding cakes yesterday!! It was fun. And delicious. :]


Bryan has yet to decide on a design for his groom’s cake, which isn’t surprising. I thought I was indecisive, well he blows me outta the water. I love it though..keeps things interesting.

On a more pissy note, my car got broken into Friday night. And the turd didn’t even steal anything!!! Just smashed my window…that’s it. For fun I’m assuming. I’m really starting to become this bitter person, and I really don’t like myself for it, but I can’t help it. I’m really starting to dislike people in general. Life goes on though, right? I just have to keep telling myself that…I mean, as if it wasn’t enough though, for some loser to ram my car and smash it all up, and then take off, this had to happen too???? God is really testing me, and I kinda feel like I shoulda passed already!!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone out there in blog world is doing well. I’m trying to keep my head above water, sometimes it goes up my nose though. :] The wedding planning is coming along pretty great, we are definitely moving forward when it comes to that. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Bryan’s parents. I’m really really lucky to be a part of that family. I count my blessings pretty regularly!

As far as the weight loss goes…..well….let’s just say it hasn’t gone anywhere really. I have actually lost about ten pounds, but it wasn’t from dieting and exercising, it was from the stomach flu…lovely, I know. So it doesn’t really count and I’m sure I will pile it all back on in no time. We’ll see. I’m actually kinda taking a break from dieting at the moment though. I need to get through all this stress before I can really focus and be successful soo….wish me luck!


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