I’m feeling incredibly guilty

I LITERALLY just wolfed down an entire Chipotle chicken burrito. If I could’ve fit the entire burrito in my mouth at once, I would have just swallowed it whole. And guess how many points that beast was?? 22!!!!!!!!! 22 points, I have ONE point left for today. Thank goodness for weekly points, but oh my. I can’t believe I let myself eat it. I know it’s not the end of the world, and I still have 24.5 weekly points left, which is actually really good for me. I usually use them all on Monday and then I’m screwed for the rest of the week. I’m just going to have a light dinner tonight, and everything will be fine, right? Plus, I can workout tonight and compensate for some of the points that way as well. Ok, so not as bad as I thought. I can consider this my one splurge for this week. Lunch is hardest for me. It’s usually the one meal where I feel like eating anything and I don’t give it a second thought. Breakfast and dinner I’m really good about.


I’m stronger than that, I know I am. I know I have it in me to do this thing, and do it right. Should I beat myself up over my Chipotle burrito? Give it to me straight! You won’t hurt my feelings. I just feel that as long as I stay within my points, I’ll be fine. So I need to just leave it at that. I’m washing my hands of this Chipotle debacle. The moment has passed and now I need to focus on the rest of my day, right? Tell me it’ll be ok!! đŸ™‚



  1. Kristi Said:

    I found a website that has a bunch of free Weight Watchers recipes, if you’re interested. The few things I’ve made so far have been good!

  2. andrea Said:

    try packing your lunch.

  3. fatgirl4life Said:

    Yeah, I think packing my lunch is definitely something I need to start doing more. I always bring healthy things to snack on, and fruits and veggies, but I can’t ever seem to bring something for lunch. Bah….I hate diets. I know I shouldn’t call it a diet either, but it’s just really hard for me to have to think about everything I eat. I’m not good at that, I’m used to shoveling food into my mouth. haha.

  4. sweetmelissak Said:

    hang in there! That’s what those WPA and APs are for!

    I agree with planning ahead for breakfast and lunch. I always take my lunch to work and snacks. More control that way!

    Then I can save most of my WPA and APs for fun stuff in the evenings and weekends!

  5. sweetmelissak Said:

    the tortilla alone at Chipotle is killer pts wise.

    If you don’t want to use a ton of pts next time, try a bol, build it online on their website before you go. They are generally more than 1 meal, and pts friendly depending on what you get. I can get 2-3 meals out of one of their bols. I generally get rice, tons of veggies, guac, beans, corn salsa, and one of the meats.
    It has so much flavor, I don’t miss the cheese or the sour cream.

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